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Childrens' Party Package 

Have a wonderful time with your friends while learning all there is to know about our animals. 

Availability: All year round. Suitable for Children 3-12 years old. 

Package Cost - €275. Includes:

  • 10 Children

  • Party Child Free

  • 2 Free Adults

  • Duration is 4 Hours and 30 Minutes

  • All Educational Programmes

  • 1 Printed Group Photo with the Dolphin for the Birthday Child

  • Food Choices: Chicken Nuggets, Beef Burger, Hot Dog, Fish Fingers, Pizza (all served with fries), or Pasta

  • Drink Choices: Water, Iced Tea, or Fanta

  • Reserved area for Celebration*

  • Cake Table

  • Celebration Song

  • Party Invitations

  • Party Coordinator 

Extra Children - €20.00 per child inclusive of food.

Extra Adults - €10.00 per Adult, not including food.

Programme Schedule:

  • Bouncing Castle (10:00)

  • Sea Lion Educational (10:30)

  • Visit to the Reptile House (11:00)

  • Aviary Experience with Bird Feeding (11:20)

  • Parrots Educational (11:45)

  • Dolphin Educational (12:30)

  • Food Time (13:15)

  • Cutting of the Cake (14:15)

For birthdays held during the week, it's possible to

request the afternoon program.

*Important: It is prohibited to use or decorate with

balloons, confetti, party poppers or streamers 

in any part of the premises. 

Availabily Request & Booking Form

Thanks! We'll get back to you soon.

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