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Explore the daily vibrancy of Mediterraneo through our unified Calendar and Schedule. All activities listed here are included for day ticket customers, ensuring a memorable experience during your visit.

Experience more than just our scheduled programs at Mediterraneo. Throughout the day, you're welcome to visit other fascinating creatures, including the charming Coatis, majestic Tortoises, friendly Turtles, and the fascinating residents of our Reptile House. Your presence is eagerly awaited by these extraordinary inhabitants.


Day Tickets:

Adults                                          €18.00

Child                                            €13.00

Senior Citizen __                          €13.00

Persons with Disability                     Free


VIP Experience: 

Adults                                          €55.00

Children                                       €35.00

Senior Citizens                             €35.00


Dolphin Interaction packages; Dolphin Emotions, Shallow Experience and Dry Experience all include a full-day ticket.

Click Here for more information about the Dolphin Interactions.


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The VIP Experience!

Embark on a captivating 4-hour guided tour at Mediterraneo Marine Park. Immerse yourself in the world of Dolphins, Parrots, Coatis, Sea Lions, Tortoises, Rainbow Lorikeets, Pond Sliders, and over 100 birds in our Aviary. With our dedicated park assistants, gain valuable insights and enjoy three educational presentations included with the standard day ticket. Elevate your experience with the VIP Package to explore exclusive corners, witness playful coatis, marvel at Sea Lions, and feed our feathery friends. This VIP journey is more than a tour; it's a discovery, an education, and a connection with incredible creatures. Create lasting memories with Mediterraneo Marine Park's VIP Experience!

  • Mediterraneo Lanyard and Tour Tag, along with a branded cap

  • Exclusive Experience: Priority Access to the three educational presentations included in the Full Day Ticket

  • Photo with the Dolphin: Priority Access to the Dolphin Photo Area

  • Unforgettable Memory: One A4-sized photo is included in the package; additional pictures can be purchased at the Photo Shop

  • Stay Hydrated: Receive a complimentary bottle of water at the start of the tour to ensure you stay refreshed throughout the experience

  • General Day Ticket: Included in the VIP Experience, granting you the freedom to explore the park all day before and after the tour.

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Enjoy double the fun!

Opt for our inclusive ticket and enjoy double the fun with access to both Mediterraneo Marine Park and Splash and Fun Water Park. Dive into adventure, explore marine wonders, and splash into excitement—all in one fantastic package!

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