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Understanding Brumation: A Natural Phenomenon in Reptile Life

While mammals and some birds hibernate during colder months to conserve energy, reptiles undergo a similar process known as brumation. Brumation is a physiological state of reduced activity and metabolic rate that allows reptiles to survive during colder periods without consuming food.

Unlike hibernation, where mammals enter a deep sleep-like state, reptiles remain partially active during brumation. They may move occasionally, but their movements are slow and deliberate. Their metabolism also slows down, and they may not eat or drink for extended periods.

While brumation is a natural and necessary process for reptiles, it can be alarming for visitors to Mediterraneo Marine Park who are not familiar with this behavior. If you notice that some of our reptiles appear lethargic or unresponsive, please do not be alarmed. This is simply a sign that they are undergoing brumation.

Our animal care team carefully monitors the brumation of our reptiles and provides them with the proper care and attention they need during this period. We ensure that their enclosures are kept at the appropriate temperature and humidity levels, and we offer them fresh water and occasional food when they are active.

As brumation progresses, our reptiles will gradually become more active and their metabolism will return to normal. This typically occurs when the weather warms up and food sources become more abundant.

By understanding brumation, visitors can appreciate this natural phenomenon and recognize that it is a crucial part of the life cycle of reptiles. We encourage you to observe our reptiles closely during this time and marvel at their resilience and adaptability.


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